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Mister Mark, a.k.a. Mark Burrows, is an award-winning singer/songwriter for children and families.

Mister Mark's albums You’ve Got a Song and Go Ape! can be heard on radio stations coast-to-coast, including XM Kids Channel 116. One song, "Amazon Rock", is featured on the Dora, Diego, and Friends album Animal Jamboree, produced by Nick Records.

A former music teacher and Teacher of the Year, Mark now writes music and curriculum for numerous publishers. His Gettin' Down with Mama Goose series tops many best-seller lists. Mark recently signed on as a writer/composer with The Lorenz Corporation.

Mark also serves as Director of Fine Arts at First UMC, Fort Worth where he oversees seven ensembles, a visual arts program, and a marionette theater.

Mark received his undergraduate degree in music education from Southern Methodist University and his graduate degree in conducting from Texas Christian University.

Mark lives in Fort Worth with his wife Nina, and two daughters Emma and Grace.

Mister Mark tours the nation presenting energetic, interactive, educational shows to children and families. Bring a Mister Mark show to your school, festival, or other event. Contact Mister Mark for pricing and availability.
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